Thursday, February 28, 2013

Extreme Store Make-Over at the BHS School Store!

The School Store at BHS had an 'extreme store 
make-over"  over February vacation courtesy of
senior Brianna Esposito and her father Ronald
in memory of her grandfather Edward Esposito.
Corner of the store and our cold drink storage.
Cabinet with the cash register for student check out.

Please see the before and after photos of
our extreme store make-over!!


Shelves with product...water bottles, gym bags etc.

Left wall of store---!

                BEFORE.... begins!
NEW Slat Wall for clothing!
A new counter for the cash register!
A moving display case
Burlington Blue on the back wall....

Construction has begun.........and now the AFTER PHOTOS!

WOW......look at the new slat wall !
AFTER......BHS----a REAL School Store!


Thank you Brianna and Mr. Esposito---students, staff and faculty at BHS say THANK YOU!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome!! Way to go team!
    I'll be sure to pop in to buy something in our newly renovated school store!
    Congrats and well done,
    Mr. Chiocca
    ELL Teacher
    Burlington High School