Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Traditions at BHS

            Celebrating Holiday Traditions at BHS!

Mr. Sullivan and Santa.


Mrs. Belcher the holiday tree!

Charlene representing Syro Malabar


Hip Hop Club performs

Krina and Brooklyn
our friends in our preschool!

Layla and Molly celebrating by tasting Asian dishes!
Ms. McNeil getting her henna tattoo from
Rutvi Patel

To Russia with Love!

Beautiful Indian dresses

Holiday Fun in the Pre School                            
                                                         Mr. Lovell and the Band performing
                                                                                    music for BHS!

BHS would like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

BHS Pledges to keep students safe from Texting and Driving with Safe-T Kases

                                                              SAFE-T Kase 

Safe-T Kase and pledge cards
BHS Safe-T Kase
Courtesy of District Attorney
Gerry Leone
Thanks to support from Middlesex County District Gerry Leone in partnership with his Youth Education Program "It Can Wait "
(a campaign to educate students about the perils of texting and driving) Burlington High School students were given Safe-T Kases to keep them safe while driving.

The Safe-T Kase, designed to prevent kids from looking at their cell phones while driving, was the brainchild of Kendall Carr and her mom Sandi Carr of York, ME. (Kendall is Associate Principal Deb Deacon's niece and Sandi is Deb's sister.)  The name for the kase is a family affair: Safe-Sandi, T-Kendall's brother Tom and Kase-Kendall- Safe-T Kase)

When Kendall received her driving permit, her mom noticed that although she didn't pick up her phone when she heard it buzz with a text message, she would often glance over at the phone while she was driving; the phone was still a distraction.  Sandi got out her sewing machine and began sewing kases and she and Kendall began sharing them with friends and family. Everyone thought this was a 'cool idea to keep kids safe!'   The Safe-T Kase:  In the the Kase!

BHS students signing Safe-T Kase Pledge cards

                 Safe-T Kase Pledge

"I pledge to use my Safe-T Kase whenever I am driving, so that I never text or check my phone when I'm behind the wheel.  When I'm in the car, my phone is in the Kase!
        Safe-T Kase-In the the Kase!

Principal Mark Sullivan, Associate Principal Deb Deacon with
Kendall Carr and Safety Officer Bernard Schipelliti 

Working in partnership with District Attorney Gerry Leone who is committing to our future, investing in our youth and contributing to our communities, Burlington High School is proud to continue to work to keep our students safe!

Stylish Safe-T Kases are also available

Safe-T Kases will be available for sale in the BHS School Store for $10.  Anyone wishing to purchase a Safe-T Kase should contact Assistant Principal Deb Deacon or call BHS!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

LABBB Students 1st DECA Conference!

Go Jake Keane--Congratulations!
Stephen Ferrante with his medallion!
Alan Wang shows off his certificate
from the District DECA Conference
Leah Dunn so proud of her

BHS is so proud of our PALS !!

8 BHS DECA students qualify for State Conference!

Kristyna Flaherty-4th
Apparel and Accessories Marketing

BHS DECA ROCKS at the District 
DECA Conference!!

Adam Dellemonico-1st Principles of Business Management

Brianna Esposito and Nicole Rigby--showing 2nd place!
Hospitality and Tourism Team Events

Joe Conti and Jake Goldstein
finish 1st and 2nd in
Sports and Entertainment Marketing-Series

Trusha Bhatt and Priscilla Chai
1st place finish in
Travel and Tourism Team Event

             The State DECA Conference will be held in March at the Copley Marriott Hotel!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I am Dirt Performance December 19th

BHS Be Smart Program, in an ongoing effort to continue to educate all students on the importance of making good decisions, is proud to bring John Morello and his production of
 "I am Dirt" to Burlington HS on December 19th.

Our goal is to reach as many students as possible with the important message of making good decisions whether it relates to texting and driving or substance use and abuse.  
This show connects with students and educators by showing real characters who are making real decisions that provides an assembly like no other.

What began as a therapeutic side project for John Morello has turned into one of the most popular assemblies for students across the country. Not a lecture or seminar, “Dirt” is a play of many characters all performed by one actor.

John Morello comically and effortlessly slips in and out of the characters to tell a story which is compelling, unique, and yet is unfortunately the story of far too many of our young people. Audiences are sure to see someone they know or can relate to and it is this cathartic recognition that has been connecting with young people across the country. 


Recently Morello’s show “Dirt” has become the number one recommended assembly for young people by the New England and New Jersey chapters of SADD, MADD, and ASAP (Association of Student Assistance Professionals).

 BHS students want honesty, respect, and someone who is real.  In  Morello’s performance of I am Dirt, his characters speak honestly about their experiences.   The audience quickly understands how seemingly disconnected our lives can be but soon realize that indeed we are all tied together and we often influence each-other.

In the end “Dirt” addresses the core reasons for substance abuse
 such as self-esteem, depression, and a desire to find a purpose in this often chaotic life.



It is John Morello's hope and the goal of BHS that by connecting with these characters students will better understand our connection with each other and continue to make healthy decisions and good choices.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The next Mentor Training will be Friday December 14th

 Deb Hult of Core Trainings will be working with BHS Mentors in two sessions on December 14th as mentors prepare for the next connection activity with the freshmen on December 19th!

BHS heads to the DISTRICT IV DECA Conference

Thursday December 13th BHS DECA students will be competing with over 350 other high school students in the District IV DECA Conference!  Each student will take a 100 question test in a business related category of their choosing and each will participate in a role play event situation with a judge (volunteer from the business community)!  The top four finishers will earn the right to compete at the State Conference in March at the Copley Marriott Hotel!

                                 GO BHS DECA!!!
Also joining us at the District IV DECA Conference will be our friends from the LABBB Collaborative Classes and our BHS PALS who will be role playing event situations and competing for medallions.

Thanks to TD Bank for sponsoring the bus to transport all the BHS DECA members to the Chelmsford Radisson hotel.

 A big thanks to all of the judges, volunteers from the business community, who make this event possible!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

BHS PALS Activity Day!

Alan playing Pictionary!

Sabrina and our PALS playing Pictionary

   BHS PALS      PLAY