Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Painting Pumpkins with PALS at BHS

BHS PALS Club will be painting pumpkins at 2pm today.

Join PALS in Room 212 rom 2:00-3:15

D.R.I.V.E Texting Simulator at BHS

Teen D.R.I.V.E a Distracted Interactive Virtual Education simulator will be at BHS Wednesday-Friday.
SADD brings TEEN D.R.I.V.E to BHS students.

Students prepare to start their simulation.

Last minute instructions before the activity begins!

Mr. Sullivan-focused while driving!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PALS Program Starting at BHS

Emily (center) and Matt (right) and a new friend having fun at the Halloween Dance at Lexington HS.
Leadership Applications are in and interviews are underway for the Leadership Positions for the newly formed PALS program at BHS.  PALS is a collaborative effort between students at BHS and students in the LABBB Collaborative program.

BHS students will be joining our friends in the LABBB Collaborative program to plan events and activities like the Halloween Dance held at Lexington HS.

Leah, Adriana, Michaela and Kristyna having fun at the
Halloween Dance at Lexington HS
Matt and Adriana smile for the camera!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BHS Pals Program

Leila and Matt...chatting at lunch!
The BHS Pals Program is about to begin!

Leadership Applications are due to Ms. Deacon on Friday October 19th.

BHS Pals will be setting up activities and events with our friends from the LABBB Collaborative.

BHS Pals having lunch with our friends

See Ms. Deacon if you'd like to be involved.

Friday, October 12, 2012

SADD Be Smart Program at BHS-Kathi Meyer

   Taylor Lee Meyer
Kathi's message:  Taylor was no different than any of you. Her friends were no different than your friends they just made terrible choices and several bad decisions ONE NIGHT! 

Taylor Meyer with mom Kathi-Meyer Sullivan

Taylor Meyer, a senior honors student at King Philip Regional High School, had become "severely intoxicated" during the course of three parties on Oct. 17, 2008, in the end she wandered away from an underage drinking party at the old Norfolk Airport and drown in an adjacent swamp.

Kathi, Taylor's mom, speaking to BHS students

Kathi Meyer spoke to the juniors and seniors at BHS.  Kathi Meyer-Sullivan shared the story of her daughter Taylor's tragic death four years ago in Plainville. Her message to teenagers is: one poor decision relating to underage drinking can come with severe consequences.  "You ALL need to take care of each other!  

Kathi hugging a student after her presentation

Kathi is 'a hugger' and BHS students lined up after her presentation to give her a hug, thank her and to tell her they heard her powerful message.

Kathi Meyer Sullivan and Taylor's cousin Katie

If you would like to send Kathi a message and thank her for her presentation today, please send her an email to:

She was 'just like you' a silly, fun, loving girl.....we miss you Taylor!

 Taylor Meyer's death was a rude awakening to area communities, whose adults seemed oblivious to the extent of teen partying in their midst. It led to an about-face in area schools and police departments, who declared war on underage drinking - particularly big weekend parties that can draw kids from several towns.

           Please think of Taylor 'she was just like you' and make good decisions!!

 If you did not get a copy of Taylor's eulogy or her photo collage and you would like a copy, please see Ms. Deacon.

BHS wants all of our students to be safe and make good decisions!


Josten's  will be here at BHS on October 30th so students may order their class rings!

Design your own ring or go with the classic high school ring.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Buddy Walk--a Walk for Downs Syndrome

Burlington HS students Tayla Gainley, Laura McIsaack and Sabrina Pasciutto participated as volunteers at the 16th annual Buddy Walk for Downs Syndrome at the lake in Wakefield on Sunday!

Tayla, Laura and Sabrina worked in the registration tent helping to register the more than 3,000 walkers and participants of the day.  BHS will be starting a PALS program for BHS students to organize and coordinate activities and events for our friends in the LABBB program at Burlington High School.

Pictured in the photos are Tayla, Laura, 7 year old Lily Grace O'Malley of Wilmington (niece of assistant principal Deb Deacon) and Sabrina.

A great day was had by all!  Thank you all for a great day.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The DECA Club is coming back to BHS.

What is DECA?  In the 1970's the acronym used to stand for Distributive Education Clubs of America and it was a student organization offering classes to prepare high school students to enter the workforce after high school.

Today DECA is so much more.....DECA offers students a real-life, hands-on experience connecting the classroom to the 'real world' for students.

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.  DECA offers competitive events through individual or team activities to develop and employ the key skills of analysis, application of knowledge, creative problem solving and logical presentation.

DECA's competitive events (ranging in categories such as Food Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Principles of Business Management, Apparel and Accessories, Business Law and Ethics and Financial Management to name a few) help students explore their communities, participate in an environment of cooperation and recognize their responsibility to the community.

DECA encourages members to develop ethics, integrity and high standards while assuming responsibility for self-improvement and self-discipline.  DECA also promotes competence, innovation, integrity and teamwork.

Students who have had a business course or who are currently enrolled in a business course are encouraged to participate in the DECA competitions at the District competition (Chelmsford Radisson Hotel on December 13th, snow date of December 14th) State competition in March in Boston and the International Career Development Conference will be in April.

Students interested in joining the DECA Club should see Ms. Deacon.

Burlington PALS

Friday was the first meeting of the Burlington PALS Club.  Pals, a collaboration of BHS students and LABBB Collaborative students, will plan activities and events including lunch buddies, arts and crafts, cooking classes, dances, games and other extra-curricular events and activities.

The LABBB Collaborative program at BHS helps students with special needs reach their full potential through programs that integrate academic, social, recreational and vocational services that enable participation in the least restrictive environment.

The first official meeting of the PALS Club will be on Thursday October 4th at 2:15pm in the cafeteria.  All students are welcome.  Students should see Ms. Deacon with any questions.

Last Minute Preparations

Yesterday BHS Mentors put the finishing touches on their plan to to meet with their freshman advisees on Friday October 12th.  All of the student mentors are excited for the opportunity to put their training and  plan into action as they meet and greet their freshmen next week .